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Attractions in Manchester

You may know Manchester only as a blue-collared town and the base of the famous soccer team Manchester United. But in fact, Manchester has a lot to offer to its tourists and rest assured that you will not be bored with the many Manchester attractions.

To understand the development of lives on Earth and human civilizations, visit the Manchester Museum sponsored by the University of Manchester. The Museum is located on Oxford Road and its collections include Ancient Egypt, Animal Life, Archaeology, Human Remains, Live Animals, Living, Cultures, Money, Plants, Pre-historic Life, Rocks and Minerals, and Changing Planet. Many of the exhibitions at the Manchester Museum are interactive, offering you a chance to have a new learning experience.

Another tourist attraction is the Manchester Cathedral. With the ancient gothic architectural style, the Manchester Cathedral is a good historic spot for you to explore. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee and listen to the church choir while you are there. Entry to the Manchester Cathedral is free of charge and it is open seven days a week.

An alternative to a church is the Manchester Town Hall. In addition to the pre-Raphaelite murals and the awe-inspiring architecture that was first opened in 1877, you can also indulge in a couple drinks at the Town Hall Tavern. You will be pleasantly surprised by the cozy feeling in the old Town Hall Tavern, which serves exceptional beer together with homemade meals that are popular in Manchester.

Another highly acclaimed tourist attraction in Manchester is the Manchester Art Gallery. The highlights of the gallery's collection include an exhibit on slavery, and artifacts by Chinese and European royalties. The collections in the Manchester Art Gallery are categorized into fine art, decorative art, and costumes. The entry to the Manchester Art Gallery is free and it is closed every Monday.

In addition to the above attractions, you will also be able to enjoy the parks in Manchester, which gives you a little break from the urban concrete of the city.

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