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Shopping in Manchester

Manchester is a former industrial city that is now known for the famous soccer team, Manchester United. However, if you are a shopping enthusiast, you will be able to find a lot of great stores in Manchester, which will satisfy you for sure.

Manchester has some of the biggest malls filled with a great variety of stores. For example, the Triangle Shopping Center located in Exchange Square feature unique brands and 150 most popular brands in the nation. In Triangle Shopping Center, you will find clothing, house wares, foods and drinks, jewelry and accessories, and sports products. Aspecto, for example, is the region's most established independent fashion store that features designer men's wear and women's urban footwear. East, on the other hand, specialized in creating women's clothing with the notion of East-meet-West in mind.

Another great shopping area is Arndale, the city center of Manchester. It features computer and electrical stores, fashion boutiques, bars, restaurants, and jewelers. When you are tired from all the browsing, you can sit down at Est Caffe--an Italian coffee shop that offers style and comfort at the same time. You will find traditional home-style cooking on its menu. Items such as antipasti, pizzas, and grills are all highly acclaimed. If you are looking for a unique piece of jeweler, you will find the shopping experience at Arndale very satisfying. It features jewelers such as Warren James, Yin Jewelry, Beaverbrooks, and Azendi.

If big shopping malls and chain stores are not your cup of tea, you will still enjoy a good shopping experience in Manchester. The city is home to a lot of individually owned arts and craft shops and antique stores. You can also go to one of the many farmer's markets and purchase fresh produce. Finally, do not miss out on King Street, as it is one of the most famous shopping spots in Manchester. You will be able to find a great variety of designer clothing stores in the area.

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